Meteorite related links

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Information pages:
Meteorite Exchange Many links to dealers and other meteorite related sites
Dweir's Meteorite Studies Great site with many pictures and info on meteorite classification.
Chondrules Great site explaining about chondrule formation
Jim Hurley's Meteorite Resources More links than you know what to do with!
Meteorite Testing Labs A list of labs with contact information
Meteorite Express

Has price listing showing ranges by type classification and also general availability

Systematic classification of Meteorites Another of David Weir's pages.
Frequently Asked Meteorite Questions A listing of frequently asked meteorite questions and even some answers
Thomas Cave's site A price listing by meteorite name
Lunar Meteorite information Washington U  page on lunar meteorites excellent!
Other Lunar Links List of Government, University and other Lunar links
American Meteor Society Reports on meteors, meteor showers, meteoric fireballs, and related meteoric phenomena. 
Astronomy links Hundreds!! of astronomy links
Magazines or journals:
Meteoritics & Planetary Science-  Meteoritical Society Journal
Meteorite! Magazine-


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